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Tahaaluf Siyasi (Phase 1, Series 3) – Examples

There have been a few occurrences of Tahaaluf during the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Some of the examples are elaborated as below.

The treaty of Mutayyibin

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once mentioned about the concept of Tahaaluf in a hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad, which said “I have witnessed the agreement of al-Mutayyibin and I will not break the treaty even if I am given the best red camel as an exchange”.

This treaty was constructed when there were clashes and disagreements amongst the tribes pertaining the duties of guarding the Ka’abah, rights of supplying food and hospitality towards the pilgrimage and the Zam-Zam well administration. An agreement was achieved later that the tribes would respect the duties of one another and would not transgress their boundaries of responsibilities.

Soon after the agreement was made, the leader of Bani Abd Manaf tribe brought a bowl of water with beautiful scent in front of the Ka’abah. All tribes were asked to dip their palms into the water and declared an oath of unity. They then placed their hands onto the Ka’abah. The treaty was coined the al-Mutayyibin treaty which means the treaty of men with beautiful scents. Read more »

Of the debate on ‘Who needs an Islamic State?’

I have just finished watching a critical debate on the title ‘Who needs an Islamic State?’ (YouTube of course!). This debate was organised by IslamChannel, presenting 2 prominent figures of different ideological approach towards the Islamic State issue. The debate can be viewed here.

Ahmad Abdel-Wahab, author of the controversial ‘Who needs an Islamic State’ book made a critical note that the Muslims nowadays are trying to find a model of an Islamic State out there which does not exist even during the time of the Prophet. On the other hand, Taji Mustafa, an Executive Member of Hizbut Tahrir UK argued that the establishment of the Islamic State in the modern world has to come from the principles in Islam’s main texts, the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Read more »

Change: YES WE CAN?

Rafie just bought himself a new 24-inch Mac. I’ve got the chance to watch a few HD animations with him, and they were awesome! The graphics were crystal clear and I could see all the minute lines and hairs of the animals (one of ’em was the Madagascar 2 movie trailer) in the animation. Brilliant! I’ve just bought my Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop in March this year, so there’s no chance I’m changing to a new one anytime in the near future. Maybe in 5 years to come.

Impressed by Mac’s layout and design, I’ve swithced my desktop theme to Mac’s! It’s available for download here in VistaOSX website. You do need to have a Windows XP Service Pack 1 to install it though.

Here’s a snapshot of my current theme. Enjoy!


5-a-side football in Nottingham

Cardiff A, from left: Ise (Mid), Saiful (Fwd), Puteh (Mid), Arn (Fwd, Captain), Kuwe (Def), Azad (GK), Arief (Mid), Jufri (Mid)

‘Cardiff Road to Notts’08’ was a project launched by the Cardiff University Malaysian Football Club (CUMSFC) in hope of winning the most prestigious football event organised by Malaysians in the UK. This year’s Nottingham game was my fourth attempt. We did quite well in the previous 3 attempts, but was unfortunate to proceed to the 2nd round due to low goal difference. Read more »

‘Kembara Menjelajah Turki’; satu lagi projek MMC

This poster is simply brilliant! Creative design by the genius Rafie. His portfolio can be viewed at http://www.mohdrafie.co.uk/. I strongly recommend those who seek consultancy, web and graphics design to hire him.

The date is not fixed yet, subject to change.

Anyone who has been to Turkey are welcomed to discuss anything you know in the comments section. Thank you.

Turkey and traditional qasidah

There are 8 of us planning to travel across Turkey this winter. My first attempt in knowing more about Turkey was none other than reading Ustaz Hasrizal’s blog, a teacher whom I’ve known for many years. In the post entitled ‘Selamat Mencari Damai Diri‘, Ustaz Hasrizal put up a YouTube video of a Turkish song called “Katibim“. I was fascinated that that song was very familiar to me, that it brought back memories when qasidah was very famous in Cardiff, back in my first 2 years here.

A respected brother, of whom I shall name A here, introduced qasidah in my very first usrah in Cardiff. Read more »

Hartal Day Cardiff’08 was incredibly successful!

All in all, the event was excellent! Abang Muhaimin wrote something about it in his blog post which can be viewed through this link.

I have written an email complimenting and thanking everyone who had done excellently well in their roles throughout the preparation and presentation of Hartal Day Cardiff’08. The email was sent through Malaysian Muslim Circle in Cardiff YahooGroup and Facebook, which is copied and pasted here:



Assalamualaikum wbt.

Syukur Alhamdulillah program Hartal berakhir dengan jayanya. Program yang bermula hampir sejam lewat dari masa yang dicadangkan tetap berjalan mengikut agenda yang ditetapkan. Kehadiran ke program cukup membanggakan dan menampakkan semangat dan kekuatan jiwa mahasiswa di UK. Puluhan pelajar dari seluruh Bandar-bandar utama di bahagian selatan UK hadir ke program. Mereka bertandang ke Cardiff dari Bath, Bristol, London, Greenwich, hatta ada yang datang jauh dari Warwick dan Nottingham! Subhanallah! Read more »

Tahaaluf Siyasi (Phase 1, Series 2) – Definition

Definition of Tahaaluf Siyasi, in linguistics context.

The word Tahaaluf contains 3 arabic letters, which are ‘Ha’’, ‘Lam’ and ‘Fa’’. A prominent scholar, Ibnu Zakaria is quoted in a book entitled ‘Mu’jam Maqayis al-Lughah’ to have said that the root word of Tahaaluf is Hilfu. The word Hilfu was made of the letters ‘Ha’’, ‘Lam’ and ‘Fa’’, which literally means treaty.

In the book entitled ‘as-Shihah al-Jauhari’ by Ahmad Abd Ghafur, the word Hilf is defined as a treaty made between a few groups of people.

According to al-Latih: When a man makes a promise to another man, it is known as ‘halifuhu’. The agreement made by them is called hilfun. Their actions of reaching an agreement is called tahaalafa.

Ibnu al-Athir mentioned in his book, al-A’wdatu ila Nihayati Fi Gharibil Hadith, that the Prophet (pbuh) had made a treaty (tahaaluf) between the Quraisy and Ansar tribes. Read more »

YB Tuan Guru Haji Hadi was born on Hartal Day!

I came to realise, after reading Ustaz Nasrudin Tantawi’s blog, that our beloved, world renowned Islamic scholar Tok Guru Haji Abdul Hadi’s birthday falls on Hartal Day!

20 October 1947

Happy Birthday, Tok Guru Ayah Chik!

Selamat berhartal buat seluruh rakyat Malaysia!